In Love with Rap music

I remember the day like yesterday; the day that I heard Rap music for the first time.
I got instant love for Rap music the first time I heard it.

This was around 96 and at that time I had a friend; more like a brother, that I used to meet with every day, doing every day stuff nah mean?!
Two favorite ways of spending our time, was playing basketball and painting pewter figurines.

One day when I was setting up for painting, my friend said that his brother had borrowed him an awesome CD that I was going to love.

The CD title was “Enter the Wu-Tang 36 chambers” by the Wu-Tang Clan.
I looked at the CD cover as my friend put the disc into the CD player; it was an eagle-like symbol on the front of the cover and some men disguised with a white cloth covering their faces.
I turned the CD cover and glanced through the song titles, with titles such as; “Bring da ruckus”, “Clan in da front”, “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit” and “Protect Ya Neck”.

I was instantly hooked by the ruff, rugged and raw boom bap sound that was brought to me by the Wu-Tang Clan.

From that day till 2002 (about 6 years), I listened exclusively on Rap music, and soon after my first meeting with Rap, I started writing my first rhyme.
I can still remember my first lyrics up to this day and there will always be something special about that day and that rhyme, cause it was my very first.
1996 was the year that I decided to start make Rap music, and I have been making it ever since.

/Bless Tobijah

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